Massage Therapy

Feel The Heal

Refresh your mind and restore your energy with a customized massage.

We specialize in providing clinical-style therapeutic massage, targeting pain and tension, with the help of techniques deeply rooted in anatomy and physiology.

For inquiries & booking a reservation, please book online, call or email for availability.

-Gratuity accepted by Cash, Venmo & Zelle

Luxury Spa


60 minutes | $130

75  minutes | $160

90 minutes | $180

60 minutes | $160 Cupping

Radiant Renewal Bundle

2 hours | $26

facial & massage package, 60minutes per service

enjoy with a friend or for yourself. *Please email us to book this service.

Customized massages are based on time, not type. Please discuss the details of your treatment to ensure your needs are properly fulfilled. 

Therapies Available: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, Foot Reflexology, Medical Massage, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, and Lymphatic Drainage (great for post surgery).

Frank Gobel, Licensed Massage Therapist

Frank Gobel

Frank is a licensed massage therapist with a five star rating.

Having worked at the prestigious Sojo Spa Club in NJ and trained at University Of Sports Massage in FL for rehabilitation of common sporting injuries. Frank has combined a technique of ohhh-so-spa-relaxing with sports massage knowledge to help your specific needs & preferences.


Tracey Long

Tracey is an award-winning licensed massage therapist. She uses an integrative approach to create a truly bespoke therapeutic experience for each individual. For over 17 years, Tracey has  specialized in treating and preventing pain and injury by helping facilitate the body's ability to heal itself. She believes in helping everyone to feel comfortable when they are on the massage table and her motto is “listen and learn”. Alumni of the Swedish Institute NYC College of Health Sciences and Oncology Certified.


Cupping Massage

(Cupping Massage available exclusively with Tracey).

Combined with traditional massage, CUPPING MASSAGE gently lifts the skin, superficial layers of muscle, and connective tissue upward and creates a “reverse massage” using gliding to loosen muscles and fascia, encourage circulation, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, sedate nervous system, and promote relaxation. CUPPING increases blood flow, absorption of water and nutrients, loosens adhesions which increase range of motion and stimulates the elimination of toxins and cellular debris, which often contribute to pain, tightness and fatigue. Cupping also stimulates the lymphatic system.

Massage Therapy Room

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