The Party-Prep Facial

Go behind the scenes in the treatment room and watch the process, the results are amazing!

-Theresa studied at the New York School of Aesthetics with a specialty in skin rejuvenation, holding advanced certification in laser, dermaplaning, & peels. With her warm demeanor and compassionate nature, Theresa creates a friendly place to get advice and have discussions about skincare.

Fun Fact: 

Theresa formally enjoyed a prestigious career in NYC's advertising industry. Holding a BFA in photography, she rode the wave as photoshop guru. Retouching celebrity portraits for Vanity Fair and luxury fashion, such as Gucci & Prada, Theresa certainly has a detailed eye for beauty!


Professional Partnerships

Dedicated to natural skincare, Botanic Face & Body has formed four professional partnerships with exclusive skincare lines: Sensatia Botanicals, Blissoma, Savor Beauty and Hale & Hush. Chosen for their business integrity and their dedication to improving our world through eco-conscious packaging & product ingredients. Each having their own unique and effective approach toward improving the skin and bringing more joy + relaxation into your life.

This curation is designed to work synergistically, creating an exceptional facial experience.

Sensatia Botanicals skincare


Sensatia Botanicals, hand crafted and imported from Bali. Sensatia is a feel-good company founded in year 2000 in the small, quiet fishing village of Jasri, Karangasem on the east coast of Bali. Sensatia Botanicals produces international quality products in a GMP Certified production facility, complete with a QC department, a certified calibrated microbiology & chemical lab and a pharmacist that oversees the production and safety assessment of every single batch before it leaves Sensatia’s production facility.

Over ten years ago, Sensatia’s products were one of the most inspiring factors that lead Theresa Naman, Founder of Botanic Face & Body on her journey to study aesthetics. By 2019, Sensatia Botanicals has been awarded the Best Eco Beauty Brand.


BLISSOMA, Cell To Spirit...

Blends whole herbs with radical compassion, to create pure authentic skincare. Each Blissoma recipe is an original creation by Julie Longyear, of St. Louise MO. All ingredients are purchased from local farms and the herbs are extracted by customized potencies without heavy processing.


"For every person there are the perfect plants - matches made in ancient times as we evolved alongside one another. This subtle, synergistic bond is a source of tremendous healing and my personal inspiration."

– Julie, Blissoma founder & herbalist

Blisssoma Skincare
Savor Beauty skincare


The Savor Beauty certified organic skincare line is developed  locally in Hudson Valley, where the products are made fresh daily in small batches and shipped worldwide. The company is founded by Angela Jia Kim who lives in NYC with her family, she is proud to have a business that is woman-led and operated.

“I wanted to incorporate the Korean beauty rituals that I grew up with. But as a busy mom and wife living the gorgeous chaos of New York City, I needed flawless skin in a New York minute. And it must be organic and it must work.”
— Angela Jia Kim


Sensitive skin can range from mild or periodic sensitivity due to stress, environment, hormones, and chemical irritants, all the way to severe or chronic sensitivity from serious health challenges and the treatments or medications that accompany them. Hale & Hush products address the wide spectrum of issues, while most products are unscented, some natural ingredients (such as botanical oils) have a natural, gentle (not sensitizing) scent.

In 2015 Kris Campbell founded Hale & Hush, the only professional skincare line to focus exclusively on sensitive skin.

Hale & Hush skincare