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Astra Beck

Master Reiki Healer Astra has always been fascinated with metaphysics and mysteries of nature, recognizing that there is more to us than meets the eye physically. In 2015, she pursued advanced spiritual training and healing modalities to empower herself and serve humanity better. Following this, Astra became certified in Jikiden Reiki and Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki. As a Reiki Master, she is deeply passionate about her role in helping people connect with their bodies' natural healing ability. Astra finds purpose by empowering individuals to release, rebalance, and recharge the mind, body, and spirit, ultimately enhancing their overall health.

What To Expect

In a Reiki session guided by Astra, she assesses your body, performing a technique called Byosen scanning to identify areas with toxins and a pendulum to read your Chakra's energy. Once she determines which areas need attention, Astra covers you with a thin sheet over your clothes and lays crystals on your Chakras. She then places her hands on specific regions of your body, like the head, chest, torso, and legs. Channeling the healing energy of Reiki, she facilitates the elimination, restoration, and detoxification of your body, returning it to a state of homeostasis. The session concludes with an invigorating 'specialty' massage called Kekko,* designed to enhance blood circulation and boost the body's detoxification process. This ancient technique is rare; Jikiden Reiki practitioners exclusively perform it.


Throughout the session, Astra incorporates instruments such as a tuning fork for relaxation, a singing bowl to purify your energy, and crystals to balance and cleanse your chakras.


*Kekko massage is a Japanese blood circulation technique that beautifully complements and closes your Reiki treatment. This 15-minute massage amplifies the Reiki energy to flow through your body to stimulate blood flow, balance the nervous system, and release toxins. Light strokes along the spine followed by brushing and patting are applied to your back and legs as you are fully clothed and tucked under a sheet. Many guests enjoy receiving Kekko, experiencing renewed invigoration following a deeply relaxed Reiki session. 

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