The Double Cleanse Kit

The Double Cleanse Kit

“...leaves skin clear + dewy.”

– Allure


The secret to getting clear, glowy skin: the Korean Beauty Double Cleanse!

The Savor Beauty Double Cleanse Kit will:

  • Pull "bad" oil out of your pores
  • Diminish blackheads
  • Completely remove makeup and dirt
  • Prevent breakouts
  • And plump fine lines



STEP 1: Coconut Precleanse Oil
Like attracts like: this oil cleanser is the secret to removing excess oil from the skin, preventing breakouts and fine lines, and diminishing blackheads! The subtle scent of fresh coconut with hints of jasmine and lavender is gentle enough even for sensitive skin types. This 2-in-1 makeup remover and pre-cleanser boasts anti-aging benefits AND can help nourish lush, long lashes.

STEP 2: Pearl Cleansing Cream
After massaging the Pre-Cleanse Oil onto your skin, you'll layer your cleanser of choice to sweep away impurities, remove dead skin cells, and reveal fresh skin.

Our Pearl Cleansing Cream is great even if you have sensitive skin. It cleanses gently and thoroughly with rosewater and ginseng and is also safe for rosacea.

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