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Your visit will include a thorough consultation and evaluation of your condition and treatments so that your session is custom-tailored to your needs.  When scheduling, you'll receive access to an online intake form.  This will detail your individualized medical treatment so the spa treatment can be adjusted as needed. Please call to reserve your  appointment.


soothing & calming

65 mins | $150

Step into a private peaceful oasis and leave the world behind. A pampering skincare service performed with healing hands and a compassionate heart. Safe for individuals undergoing or recovering from treatment, beneficial in many ways:

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Promoting blood circulation

  • Promoting hydration

  • Stimulating or relaxing the nervous system

  • Promoting enhanced breathing

  • Promoting sleep

  • Pain reduction 

  • Reducing side effects of treatment such as nausea and loss of appetite

  • Improving the quality of the skin

  • Reducing anxiety and depression

  • Promoting socialization

How Is Oncology Skincare Different?


Oncology facial care training will not only review the kinds of treatment an oncology patient may be undergoing, but also cover important aspects of altering spa services to suit the individual.


Oncology facial care is a practice that involves post-graduate education to learn how to perform facial and body treatments that are safe for a client that is undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment.  This includes selecting the right ingredients that will not be contraindicative to any of the medications or treatments, as well as understanding the various forms of cancer treatment and side effects and how they can be ameliorated through esthetic services


The benefit of esthetic treatments for oncology patients is quantifiable.  One study of eighty-eight female cancer patients conducted in a hospital setting in Italy found significant reduction in depressive symptoms, anxiety and body image issues, as well as an improvement in self-esteem levels.  This study was conducted as part of a program called “Health in the Mirror,” a support program for patients receiving oncology treatment.

Tropical Leaves

Guaranteed Clean

Botanic Face & Body guarantees all skincare is clean & pure. You can feel confident that every product does not contain synthetic ingredients and are EWG verified.

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